Washing Feet.

There is a theme in everything as I live. The most rewarding feeling I experience in this world is when I serve.

Not saying I am good at it, haha, no, not at all.

But those moments, when I bend down and wash someone's feet and enjoy the cleansing, the friendship, the honor I get to share in.. Ah, is this not the pinnacle of humanity?

I wish to attain it at all times. Lose the selfishness of desire and only serve my fellow beings. I feel eternity when I serve. I feel timelessness. I know that death is but a transition. I have faith. I trust in the infinite beauty and complexity of the universe and it's creator. I know nothing.

I believe all this, somewhere. But elsewhere I hear the rest of the humanity crying out, "WAR!, DISEASE!, FAMINE!" It is 1984. I have been to places of extreme war, disease and famine and I found there only the most beautiful and happy people you could hope to meet in your life. Odd, I know. It is a basic truth we avoid at all costs.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Yet we are afraid of "death". Which is but a salesman.

What I am saying I guess, is that every system lives to serve another. This is basic science, yet we have a hard time grasping the actual concept in our habituations.

I digress, but there is a point.

Let us all serve one another more than we ever have.