Everything is a pattern.  We figure this out at as young age. Patterns of life, the sun, the moon, the tides, our parents habits, eat, work, eat, work, eat, play, eat, sleep, repeat. Then we learn about math and science and how an atom contains a whole galaxy of activity and yet the universe is bigger than we can even see. And the whole thing is a giant system of systems that contain systems with patterns that are made of even more systems... You get the point.

Art is that way too. And if you master any systems of any art form, many of the principles and much of the knowledge translates to other art forms. Ultimately communication and relationship seems to be the grand reason for all of these systems. A cave drawing let people know where the hunting grounds were or described a sacred place. The bright colors of the poison arrow frog let everyone know it is dangerous. How band of musicians are getting along can be sensed by an audience and their experience is affected much in the same way that a painter can inflict emotion on his or her viewer. Everything that we experience with all six of our senses tells a story of light and dark, sacrifice and life. Energy keeps moving. It never stops. It's exciting to me to wonder about the future of my energy as an experiential being in this universe and help that thought process through the exercise of the patterns of art.