In the middle of a master cleanse

I started a master cleanse with several buddies three days ago.  I've done it twice before, the second failed due to unforeseen circumstances, namely losing my juice at work and not being able to go home. The first was great. It was quite the rollercoaster of crazy energy and flat dull sleepiness.

This one is quite different. I feel tuned in. I feel calm. Resolute. 

I am normally a very spontaneous person. I enjoy the thrill of improvising situations, whether it be the logistics of a change in relationship, a guitar solo, or a piece of woodwork, I like to let the moment inform me of how to work with it. Because of this I have always been a night owl. When I was four or five, I would sneak a flashlight into my room and read books or draw until I passed out. By the time I was a teenager I was regularly reading or drawing until four or five in the morning every single night. Yes, I went to school in body, but I wasn't there in mind or spirit. I was in the far off lands of my imagination. But not on this cleanse.

I have been tired early, woken up with the sun, and been tirelessly focused throughout the day. It's been an interesting three days already and I have seven more! I rarely experience this schedule except when I have early meetings, and many times I am late because I was up late making something. But I just worked for 9 hours straight starting at 9am. No break. (besides bathroom of course) Just sitting and doing what I need to do and drinking my juice. Crazy. 

Fasting is something our society doesn't practice very often. We don't have a cultural signpost telling us to, unless you happen to be highly religious. And I have been that so I have a little push from the spiritual side to fast, but this was a purely mental and physical exercise. I needed to push myself, to change and break some habits for awhile, shake it up.

And it's working perfectly. And I am thankful.