Are we all fundamentally the same? Are we equal? Are we all misfits having this crazy limited experience of space and time? Why are we not overwhelmingly humbled by this?

War. Poverty. Interest. Theft. Rape.

These happen everyday on massive scale. All little moments of each of us squabbling over square feet and food and money building up into a massive tidal wave of violence.

And to quote the infamous average hippie "It's all just dream, man..." What are we fighting for? How do rules and power make us better? We ARE living in a dream, a passing moment in the eternal ohm if you will. Why are we so worked up, on edge, overthinking all of life?

I don't have any answers to why these things are. But it seems that there answers to what we do and how we do in this life to experience peace and love and joy.

We are so caught up in convenience and technology that we easily forget the deep meaning of planting a seed and cultivating a plant for months before enjoying it's bounty. And how wonderful it is to experience that with those around you.  I understand that for life to exist something must die, but is there a more honorable way for us to participate in the cycle than to just be continual consumers? 

The craziest part is that in my immediate sensory experience this is how life is. We all make mistakes and we are all so gracious to each other. We aren't fighting and killing each other. We have our squabbles and work it out. Even the rare total enemies usually just stay away from each other. So who are these people in power making these decisions to fire deadly weapons at other human beings over some wealth or power!? Oh and it's supposedly all "for us, for our country, liberty and safety."

Why do we buy it? Just give us the right tasty little morsel of propaganda that makes us feel just right and we open our mouths and take it hook line and sinker. And we know it the whole time. That is, if we are fundamentally the same.

Or are we all different? And it is survival of the fittest? Looking out for number one? Eat or be eaten? Dog eat dog?  

I guess I have a hard time believing in that mindset. The results seem cruel and harsh. A place where death is the only value and currency. Instant gratification at the cost of anothers life. Ouch. We do that. Everyday. It's in our food, our clothes, our houses, our water. As Americans everything we do is soaked in the sweat and blood of the rest of the world.

So when do we stop? Where is the line? Or do we just continue the facade of eat drink and be merry in our mad race towards death?