I don't do it very well. I went back through my instagram feed tonight and noticed how I wander. I would post ten or fifteen photos in a particular style and then move on. 

One of my greatest weaknesses is I bore easily. Mastery of a skill leads to a feeling of futility and vanity. I enjoy the process of learning and once I learn something I set it aside.


As I get older though I am more interested in the things that were natural and easy or taken for granted as a child but are now incredibly difficult. I want to know about plants, what can I eat that is right around me? What are their latin names? How would I make myself a metal tool without a manufacturer? From scratch? Literally finding the ore and melting it down and shaping it? 

I read about St. Anthony today and how he moved out into the desert and lived an ascetic lifestyle. Could I do that? Just walk into the woods and live? I doubt it, especially not in winter. 

Sounds like some blacksmithing and plant identification is in my future. At least for a couple weeks..