On family and work

I recently had a new friend reach out to me for advice on this subject. I was somewhat taken aback, but I agreed to meet for lunch today.

After the lunch, which was awesome, I had a bit of time for reflection. I was nice to synthesize my thoughts for someone else who just wanted to hear what I had to say.

I realized during our conversation how immense the pressure from the outside world is for us to be a certain way or perform in society a certain way. There is a societal paradigm for when we are suppose to get married, when we should have kids, what our career and financial life should be doing, when we buy a house, etc. We are also taught how we should structure these things around our work and social life from a young age.

I try really hard to break down these barriers I have helped tradition erect for me. I try to create a culture where my family can be in the office and break bread with my coworkers and draw on our white boards, take out our trashes, do our dishes, write, do math, all while being around and observing real people doing real work.

Life moves too fast to break it up into little sections. Everything is happening all at once. As I write this I know my kids are at home learning about something or creating something. The more I can have them around me while they do that, the better. I don't want to be a work, then home, then rest, repeat kind of person. In fact, I never have been.

Break the rules. Be a good friend, family member, community member and society member all together, all at once. They feed each other and the health of the whole and the health of the parts are not separate.

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Have a nice day and do one thing to make it better for everyone around you!

Peace, Jesse.